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The 4 sports betting strategies with proven effectiveness

When you start betting on sports, the question of a strategy quickly arises. In order to maximize their winnings, top tier players choose various tactics, ranging from simple to sophisticated. In this article, we will present several examples of strategies that have proven themselves in 22Bet sports betting.

Defining your bankroll and sticking to it

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The bankroll is a basic concept for sports bettors. It corresponds to the amount you wish to allocate to all your bets. This amount must be defined according to your personal situation. Once this bankroll is set, all you have to do is determine what percentage of this amount you are willing to allocate to each bet. The higher the percentage, the greater your risk.

In general, a more conservative bettor will set a percentage around 2%. A more reckless bettor will be able to raise up to 5% of his bankroll. Above this amount, the weight of some bets could unbalance your portfolio. In any case, respecting the bankroll will guarantee optimal management of your income. Although very simple, this strategy, which could be described as flat betting, has its limits. Indeed, it does not take into account the odds or the earning potential of a given bet. Whatever the odds, your betting limit remains the same.

Determining a bankroll strategy, however, allows you to set an absolute risk limit.

Adopting the martingale technique

Martingale is a technique well known to casino enthusiasts, especially those who play roulette. Several variations exist. The classic martingale consists of keeping the same bet when your bet is winning and doubling the bet in case of a losing bet. However, there is an important difference between the sports bettor and the casino player. When a casino player bets on free online roulette or real money, the martingale technique involves an odds of 2/1 (even or odd, black or red). This is not necessarily the case in sports betting.

To apply a rising martingale strategy to sports betting, the following formula is generally used:

Bet = previous losses + desired winnings / odds-1.

The martingale technique is effective but involves a large reserve of money. Bets can rise quickly. Therefore, many bettors will quickly find themselves cornered if they don’t take this into account from the start.

In addition to the traditional martingale, there are several variants including the Fibonacci method and Alembert’s strategy. Each technique has proven itself but also knows its limits.

Selecting your favorite sports and making value bets

To make sports bets, you need to understand the purpose of the bet. Professional bettors often limit themselves to a few sports disciplines. They read up on the subject and follow the news. Beyond the odds, a bettor knows how to make his own impression. Thanks to his analysis, a bettor therefore defines his own odds. If the odds are higher than those of the bookmakers, the bettor has a value bet.

In order to maximize his chances of value bets, identifying and following good tipsters can pay off. Unless you are well connected, this can take time. However, once you have found your tipsters, they will increase your chances of winning. Like a trader looking for undervalued stocks, the bettor uses a value bet strategy to identify sports opportunities.

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