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Betting on netball. How not to lose?

Netball is a kind of basketball. At the official level, netball competitions are held among women. The International Federation for this sport does not plan to include men in it yet.

Betting on netball. How not to lose?

The rules of netball are quite simple. Each team must have seven people on the court. There are other regulations of the competition, according to which there are 12 athletes on the court. But in most cases, the first option applies. Match lasts 1 hour and consists of 4 periods of 15 minutes each. The goal of the game is to hit the hoop, as in basketball. One point is given for each hit. It does not matter from what distance the shot is made. Unlike basketball, there are no three-point shots.

Netball originated in Australia in the mid-20th century. He enjoys considerable popularity in this country and in New Zealand. Local federations are working hard to get netball included in the Summer Olympics program. But so far, the IOC is hesitant to take this step.

Features of netball betting

Some bookmaker offices accept bets on netball. In the slates included bets on team victories. Ties are rare because of the small probability of this event. There are bets on outcomes in quarters. Betting houses bet on the winner with a handicap in quarters and matches. In the slates, you can often find bets on totals in the match and quarters. There are individual totals. Before the start of the championships or major international tournaments, bookmakers take bets on the winner and medalists.

What do bettors need to know to bet successfully in netball?

  • First, it should be taken into account that the number of matches in this sport is small. Teams in championships do not have such a busy schedule as in regular basketball, so the choice of bets will always be limited.
  • Secondly, the lineup, especially the national teams, changes very often. This factor greatly affects the level of teams. Therefore, you should be more guided by the statistics of games in recent months. Often, the results that were at the beginning of the season are the opposite of what the team is showing at the moment.
  • Third, in national championships very often unexpected results happen, when the leader loses to an outsider. This is largely due to the fact that the coaches have a significant influence on the game. Tactical preparations and adjustments made by coaches in the course of games often decide the outcome of matches. This should always be remembered by BC players.

And one more very important point. 

Always remember that netball is a women’s sport. 

  • Therefore, a lot depends on the mood of the female players, which can vary significantly in different matches. For this reason there are so many unexpected results in the rounds. Sometimes it happens that the team that seemed to win the game gives it to the opponent in vain.

When analyzing games, it is very important to keep an eye on the number of injured players and the motivation of the teams. It is not always the case that motivated women’s teams play better than unmotivated teams. There are paradoxical situations when the top contenders lose to those who don’t need much in the current championship.


Bookmakers put good odds in the netball spreads, but the number of positions in them is limited.

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