Bonus System At Online Casinos

Bonus System At Online Casinos

Playing at online casinos you will find that most of them would offer you some bonuses. Some have larger, some smaller, but anyways it is a typical practice for the industry nowadays to have a bonus program. 

What bonuses are?

Bonuses are the thing that a casino provides in order to attract players to gamble at their website or mobile application. You can find information about awesome bonuses on the Cookie Casino login page. Usually, they are given only after registration as a “welcome bonus”. It should be noted that bonuses are not just a charity. A player cannot withdraw his money until he places bets of an amount equal to the one necessary for withdrawal. To put it simply, if a customer of an online casino gets a 100 dollars bonus (depending on what is a wager of a casino), he will have to place 5x or 10x or more of that bonus money to be able to withdraw it. It does not matter how many bets a player won or lost, the most important condition is a total wager amount. Let’s briefly go through some of the most popular online casino bonuses.

First deposit or “welcome” bonus

This type of bonus is widely used by almost every online casino out there. You would usually see a promotion of it on an advertisement banner. A player gets this bonus when he makes his first deposit at an online casino. You should always check what is the minimum amount to deposit in order to get your welcome bonus. 

Payment method bonus

A customer would get this bonus if he deposits his money through a payment system suggested by an online casino. Most of the time this one is not as huge as the others, but who wants to miss some extra money when it comes to gambling? Everyone knows about a system’s commissions, and this bonus helps to technically avoid it. And since it is not big, it also makes it easier to wager if you wish to make a withdrawal request.

Loyalty bonus or bonus for VIP players

Different casinos set different amounts of bonuses for their loyal clients. Those who are able to get this kind of bonus will be happy to get daily, weekly, monthly, or even bonuses for their birthdays. It is no surprise that any online casino would appreciate its regular customer and try its best to keep him on a platform. 

No Deposit Bonus

It sounds like a fairy tale, but this bonus actually exists and moreover is popular in the industry. Everybody who wants to try gambling at an online casino will surely be attracted by this type of offer. But does a casino get out of it? Well, first of all, it stimulates potential customers to create accounts so that a casino attracts more people. Players, on the other hand, do not risk losing anything, but at the same time, the system makes it difficult to wager. That is why it will push a gambler to make a deposit to speed up the process. Besides, there is always a high chance that a player will like a game, and want to deposit his money and gamble on them.

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