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How do I win at the online casino? Tips and techniques from professionals

Online roulette is not played randomly, there are good ways to play and also bad ways to play. You will discover through this article some tips and methods of gambling that will help you to be a winner.

To avoid any slippage you have to:

  • To have a regular income that complements my salary ;
  • Not to be in the negative;
  • To play little.

Avoid all fears that consist in following 

  • Thinking that you can’t win at roulette ;
  • To think that all casinos are crooks;
  • To think that you can’t make a steady income from roulette;
  • Thinking that all method sellers are crooks.

Be Optimistic if you want to succeed at roulette! Moreover, when you play with a method you must have a lot of confidence in that method and that’s certainly why some people win with a method and others don’t!

The pitfalls of online casinos that are dangerous

  • The bonus!

In fact, casinos usually offer you 100% to 500% on your first deposit!

Behind this generous offer is a “scam”: under the terms of the bonus, you must play the wager given by the casino 35 to 100 times before you can make a withdrawal!

Electronic Wheels

Electronic casters are also considered a trap because the numbers drawn are not random, it is a software that will determine the winning number. The roulette wheel adapts to your playing style and makes you lose in the long run.

Things to check and consider before registering at a casino

You must absolutely verify that the free online casino offers live roulette games! You also need to check the minimum bets as well as the betting limits!

You should not register at an online casino if :

  • The site is not translated into your language;
  • The chat or support speaks to you in English;
  • French is not accepted on the site.

You must absolutely read the site’s terms and conditions, and the terms and conditions must be translated into your language.

If you have any doubt, ask for details about the chat or by email.

Furthermore, you must see your way of playing as a business, all businesses that want to make money use strategies to do so.

If you don’t play with one method, then you will go in all directions, although you may win at first, this strategy will definitely lead you into the rout! Playing with a method allows you to be structured and to know where you want to go!

You absolutely must define rules and manage yourself! If you don’t, you won’t have any chance to win in the long run!

If you play Live:

  • Do not play more than one hour per session;
  • Stop playing after you win more than 20% of your capital (If I have 100$, I stop after my capital is at least 120$) ;
  • Stop playing after a loss of 20% of your capital ($80 if I have $100 of initial capital).

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