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How do I win at the slot machines? Casino Tips and Tricks

Every player dreams of entering a casino, rushing to the first slot machine they see, inserting a coin or token … and hitting the “Jackpot”. 

Let’s not fool ourselves: we are captivated, intrigued, and even bewitched by “one-armed bandits”. The colorful reels; the sounds of bells and whistles, the almost blinding and unmistakable flashing lights, the coins or tokens hitting the board serve to capture our attention and entice us to play the slot machines … And it works!

These diabolical iron monsters have an endless appetite for money … Your money!

That put aside, a question remains:

  • “Do I have any chance of winning on these slots?
  • And, if so… How? “What a lot of good questions.

The fact is that there is no guarantee that you will be a winner in the end. You will feed those monsters with your hard-earned money. You may, however, be able to significantly increase your chances of winning consistently. Let’s start with some casino slot machine facts and myths.

Slot machine facts

FACT 1: Slot machines are not created equal!

Not all casino slots are created equal. They may look the same on the outside, but they are totally different on the inside.

FACT 2: The casino always wins

The casino (room) always has the advantage, always. Most slot machines are programmed (yes, PROGRAMMED) to pay out between 83% and 99% of the coins placed in them. Even if a player wins the jackpot, the casino pays that jackpot with the bets of the other players.

FACT 3: Slot machines are programmed

Most slot machines today are called “smart” because they follow instructions given by a microcomputer that generate random numbers. Not just one, but a series of processors are within each “iron beast. “These random numbers continuously generate a number of combinations (which correspond to the reels on each machine) even when the slot machine is NOT being played. That’s right – it’s not a question of whether anyone plays or not. The combinations continue to spin in the brain of the slot machine. Pretty scary, huh?

FACT 4: The final reel combination is programmed

When the rollers stop and you see the final combination, you simply see the “desired result” from the microprocessor. Nothing more – nothing less. It is (more or less) a “courtesy” to the player. You, as the player, do not affect the final result. If you’ve always wanted to know what a slot machine “thinks,” simply press “bet one” or “bet max,” one coin and pull the handle or press “spin. “What you see on the reels (when they have finished spinning) is the exact combination at the exact moment you pushed the “bet one” or “bet max” button (if you are playing with credits). If you insert coins or tokens, the final result is determined when you drop the first coin/token.

Slot machine myths

Myth 1: A machine that hasn’t given for a long time will make you win

A machine that has not paid out significantly and has received a certain number of tokens is “due” to pay. This is totally false because the results are decided by a combination of chance and the probability factor.

Myth 2: Machine Heat

If the machine feels cold to the touch, cold parts/chips should be used. Similarly, if the machine feels warm to the touch, the coins/chips should be warmed up before playing. The temperature of the machine and/or the coins has absolutely no effect on anything.

Myth 3: Jackpot on the machine = less interesting machine

If a slot machine has just hit a big jackpot, it won’t allow a new Jackpot another time for a long, long time. The slot machine will pay out the next big one randomly and according to the probability factor. Nothing more – nothing less.

Myth 4 : Casinos adjust machines in real time

Casinos loosen and tighten the machines at will. Even though casinos have an eye on who wins and who loses, they do not adjust the machines.

Methods to win at casino slots

Method 1 for winning at slot machines: look for machines that pay more!

Serious players should look for the highest paying machines in the casino. Most slot machines pay between 83% and 99% of the coins/chips they take. This doesn’t seem like a very big variation, but it is. Whenever possible, look for machines that return in the 96-99% range and make them “spit”. As you can imagine, the number of machines that pay this ratio is very small compared to the number of machines in the casino. But it’s your job to find those “Paying Machines”. It’s as simple as that, just get in touch with the players to find out which machines they win the most on, there are many regulars who will be happy to guide you!

Method 2 for winning at slot machines :  Wait, watch and learn

It sounds easy but it’s not. Gamblers, like you and me, love to play. The hardest thing for a slot machine player to do is to watch other people having fun on the machines. However, if you can manage your expectations and observe (even for a few minutes), you will quickly learn which machines pay out larger prizes more frequently.

Method 3 for winning at slot machines : Employees

Talk to casino employees and slot machine players. Low-level employees are not trustworthy when it comes to placing the best slots. They wouldn’t direct you to those slots even if they knew. However, they usually know which machines seem to pay out on a fairly regular basis. They probably won’t share this information with you unless you ask (especially if you tip them for this information). So ask!

If you get a tip on a “hot” slot machine… tip the employee back (a euro or two), and if you win on what they told you, tip them 5-8% of your winnings. This will probably get more advice on slot machines in the future.

Gambling members are also an excellent source for getting advice on the machines. Casino “regulars” may be more helpful in the “flat” location of slot machines. The fact is, most players like to tell others about their successes. Listen to what they have to say.

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